Our Mission

We want to allow talented people to share their abilities with the world while also gaining performance experience.

Rohil has been a musician for most of his life – he’s played both piano and guitar and sings on top of them. However, he used to always look for performing opportunities. He was never able to learn what it was like to share his talents with a group of people. He then realized that there are many more talented kids like him who just want a way to show the world what they can do. He and his friend Alec decided to create this organization in hopes of allowing students to experience performing. **Needs editing**


Rohil Verma

Rohil is a 17 year old senior at Coppell High School. He played on the basketball team during his freshman and sophomore year. He plays the guitar and piano and has performed at many locations, including the Dallas International Guitar Festival, various senior homes, and hospitals/rehab centers. 

Alec Klem

Alec is a 18 year old senior at Coppell High School. He plays on the school basketball team. Alec also participates in Model UN competitions. He spends a lot of his time coding, competing in programming events such as EarthHack and HackDFW and is always learning new coding languages